Welcome to the Biochemistry Department at Azeezia Medical College Hospital. Our department is dedicated to exploring the chemical processes within and related to living organisms. We strive for excellence in education, research, and clinical services to enhance the understanding and treatment of various medical conditions.

The Biochemistry Department at Azeezia Medical College Hospital focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms that underpin health and disease. Our faculty and staff are committed to providing high-quality education and conducting research that leads to innovative medical advancements.

Our Mission
  • To deliver exceptional education in biochemistry to medical students and healthcare professionals.
  • To conduct pioneering research that advances our knowledge of biochemical processes.
  • To apply biochemical principles in clinical settings to improve patient outcomes.
Our Vision

To be a leading institution in biochemical education and research, known for our contributions to medical science and healthcare innovation.

Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate program provides a solid foundation in biochemistry, preparing students for careers in medicine, research, and related fields. The curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with practical laboratory experience and clinical training.

Postgraduate Programs

Our postgraduate programs offer advanced education and research opportunities in biochemistry. These programs are designed for individuals seeking to specialize in biochemistry, providing the skills and knowledge necessary for careers in academia, research, or clinical practice.

Research Initiatives

The Biochemistry Department at Azeezia Medical College Hospital is committed to conducting cutting-edge research that addresses fundamental questions in biochemistry and its applications to medicine.

Current Research Areas
  • Molecular Biology
  • Enzymology
  • Metabolic Pathways
  • Genetic Disorders
  • Clinical Biochemistry



Research Facilities

Our department is equipped with modern laboratories and state-of-the-art technology, supporting a wide range of experimental approaches. Our research teams work collaboratively to make significant contributions to the field of biochemistry.

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