The Pharmacology Department at Azeezia Medical College Hospital is dedicated to advancing the understanding of drug actions and interactions in the human body. Our mission is to provide high-quality education, conduct groundbreaking research, and deliver exceptional patient care.

Our Mission

To educate future healthcare professionals, conduct innovative research, and improve patient outcomes through the safe and effective use of medications.

Educational Programs
Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate program offers a robust curriculum that equips students with a thorough understanding of pharmacological principles, mechanisms of drug action, and therapeutic applications. Students gain hands-on experience through laboratory work and clinical rotations.

Postgraduate Programs

We offer advanced training for postgraduate students, focusing on specialized areas of pharmacology. Our program includes rigorous coursework, research projects, and opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Research and Innovation

The Pharmacology Department is at the forefront of research in drug discovery, development, and safety. Our research focuses on:

  • Neuropharmacology: Exploring the effects of drugs on the nervous system.
  • Cardiovascular Pharmacology: Investigating drugs that impact heart and blood vessels.
  • Clinical Pharmacology: Studying the effects of drugs in clinical settings to optimize therapeutic outcomes.

Clinical Services

Our department works closely with various clinical departments to ensure the safe and effective use of medications. We provide consultations on drug therapy management, participate in clinical trials, and contribute to the development of hospital drug policies.

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